Ambassador Cherif Chikhi attended, on October 31, 2010, at a meeting organized by the Vietnam-Algeria Friendship Association to mark the 56th anniversary of the Algerian Glorious Revolution of November 1, 1954. About 300 Vietnamese experts who worked in Algeria in the 1980s, mostly physicians, attended at the meeting.

At the opening of the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Tran Nam, Deputy Minister of Construction, first expressed, on behalf of all members of the Association of which he is president, his congratulations to the Algerian people. He also said that the meeting is an opportunity, first of all, to evoke the memories of these experts in Algeria which he called a brother country, and, secondly, to enhance and to strengthen the Algerian-Vietnamese cooperation for the mutual benefit of both countries.

of National Day of Algeria. He agreed that the initiative also reflects the common desire of Vietnam and Algeria to continuously strengthen the bonds of friendship that unite them. He recalled the context in which this friendship was forged and pursued by evoking the heroic pages that allowed each country to wrest its independence.

The ambassador did not fail to notify, in his turn, the dedication of the Vietnamese medical practitioners during their stay in Algeria and the quality of their friendship with the Algerian people, he noted, reflected through memorable memories which are remembered on all occasions. He stressed that Algeria and Vietnam were still working to develop their cooperation in observing that the will in this direction has been forcefully expressed by Presidents Abdelaziz Bouteflika and Nguyen Minh Triet during the visit of the Vietnamese President in Algeria last April.